White Wind – Messenger of Love A3

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Painted in 1987, it is still my favourite work.
It is about LOVE, purity of thought, innocence, and, on a deeper level – the Princess represents our Soul (whether we are male or female).

Printed on A3 Paper

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White Wind is my signature painting.

Through the centuries, the Unicorn has represented a Messenger of Love. He cannot be captured by the king’s huntsmen (power, control, greed), but if a virgin (pure heart) sits quietly in a glade, he will come and place his head on her lap. It is told that if he dips his horn into a pond it will purify the water.

White Wind took me five months to paint. and came at a time in my life when I had to face some very serious challenges. I asked the Universe if I could paint a girl riding a unicorn. However, I was required to pass a test to be allowed to receive this vision and paint it.

I passed the test by choosing LOVE, by following my own heart, and standing up to those who wished to destroy me. This vision had told me my answer. This is my story and I hope she has a very special message for you.