Morning Glory A3

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I feel that She encourages GRACE, dignity and gentle strength.
I have discovered that many people have seen Her or someone like Her.

Printed on A3 Paper

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This vision was an awe-inspiring experience.

Unlike most of my visions which are of completed paintings, this one was a three dimensional Being of Light who appeared at the foot of my bed a short while after I had awoken. My bedroom walls had turned to gold and She arrived through (a vision of) a gold antique frame – walking down a path lined with flowers – and She kept coming into my room!

I was awe-struck! She was the most beautiful Being I had ever seen.

She spoke, moved and emanated radiant loving energy. I was humbled. I didn’t feel worthy to paint Her so I bribed myself into it by painting the room gold and finding the exact gold frame I’d seen.

I asked for Her assistance to paint Her portrait. We made the decisions together, e.g. Her hands are placed in a gesture symbolizing giving to you from the heart, the flowers all have significance.

She has even emerged out of greeting-cards displaying her image and appeared before surprised meditators.
I hope She has special significance for you.