Who is Elizabeth Kyle?

Elizabeth Kyle has been an internationally acclaimed visionary artist for over forty-five years, channelling lucid visions from a Higher Source: mostly from Papatūānuku, Gaia, Mother Earth.

Rich in archetypes and sacred symbolism, these visions are like parables, revealing their message to us when we are ready.

To some they are pretty pictures, whilst to others they have moving significance; often healing or encouraging.

Elizabeth now resides in her homeland New Zealand, after the most wonderful twenty-five years in beautiful Australia.

She is seeking a castle gallery, which she hopes you will visit if you are in New Zealand.

In Mystical Symbolism, ‘The Medieval Castle’ and all its aspects represents our ‘Whole Self’ and (ideally) how we should rule our lives: if we are a wise and kind king (masculine attributes), or queen (feminine attributes) of our domain or Self. Since Elizabeth’s art is about our Soul’s journey, a Castle is the perfect gallery style.

Here, we present her latest collection of 64 greeting cards. Many of these paintings may be new to you. Enjoy